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Exfatter Baby creates certified organic cotton and softest bamboo clothes for babies and toddlers, the brand owned by Exfatter Apparel. We believe in being eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable by utilizing natural plant-based materials in our apparel.

Exfatter Fashion creates softest bamboo essential clothes for men and women. We are passionate about health and about the state of our planet. We utilize only the highest quality Certified Organically Grown Bamboo and natural, organic cotton in our apparel. We also employ only the highest standards of eco-technology in our apparel manufacturing for the cleanest and most eco-friendly methods possible.

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Fabric & Trim Sourcing


​Exfatter Apparel is a bamboo clothing manufacturer, the process begins when we plug your concept into our fabric and trim network which has been developed over several years. When existing fabrics won't do, Exfatter's staff has the expertise to help you create your own specialty fabrics. We'll then present trial weaves, strike offs, lab dips and sample yardage runs - making certain that every element is within the specification and timeline. Our services include fabric and trim sourcing and management and development, trial weaves, strikeoffs and lab dips. 

Our mills are able to work with bamboo, cotton, organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, Tencel, rayon, and wool. Virtually any raw material you can think of, we can deliver to you.


Sample Development


Once the fabric has been finalized, Exfatter's expert technicians develop the pattern, make suggestions, review the specifications package, bill of material, and grade rules. We will also develop style markers, submit proto samples, and fit samples.


Develop brand labels as well as care and content labels according to the customer's artwork. Critical attention is to always paid to delivering photo samples and salesman samples on time. Our services include pattern development, developing branding label and packaging, proto, fit and photo samples and salesman samples.


Garment Production


Exfatter Apparel owns in-house production workshop. We have also developed many partnerships and relationships with factories that produce categories outside of our core competency.


Therefore, our customers have the opportunity to have Exfatter manage their production in in-house facilities and with outside facilities as well. This benefits our clients by consolidating their workload and improving their overall return. Our services include production and accessory timelines, embroidery, printing, garment dyeing and garment washing.


Quality Control, Packing & Logistics


All stages of the production cycle have quality control in place and a final inspection before the garments are packaged. At your option, we can provide all package materials and bar coding. All logistics such as scheduling shipments, prepare custom documents, and door to door service are all handled by our in house staff. Our services include quality control, bar coding, packaging and logistics.

Designing and manufacturing sustainable clothes.

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