Ideas For Gifts To Newborn Baby

We all know how exciting when know a little baby will arrive soon. But of course, buying gifts for a newborn is a challenge for mum, especially if it has been years passed since your children were babies OR you’ve never had a baby yourself.

Are you looking for a newborn gift without any idea where to start? Don't worry. Exfatter Baby is an adorable collection. All our pieces are thoughtfully crafted using sustainably sourced fabrics and manufactured in our owned GOTS certified ethical factory. The first wardrobe for babies starting from Exfatter is a good choice.

Below gift list will let you have a happy shopping.

1. Bodysuit

Bodysuits are one of those baby items that are always in popluar. Newborns practically live in them, since they make diaper changes easy and go with shorts, leggings and pants. They’re great for sleeping and playing.

Baby bodysuits are anything but boring. You’ll find them in kimono style, lapped shoulder style, frill collar style, dress decoration style and so on.

2. Romper

You can't go wrong with cute baby rompers! New parents love them, as each item can be worn alone so it doesn't require parents to spend time matching tops and bottoms. Rompers can make nappy changes a breeze! Exfatter has many kinds of romper, like zipper romper, button romper and snap romper with different sleeve length that you can find one piece suitable for the season your baby will be born.

3. Sleeping Gown

How do you dress your baby in sleeping time so they’re comfortable? I know that this can cause parents so much stress. Exfatter Sleeping Gown will make your troubles disappear. It offers a bit of wiggle room in the size department through adjusting the knot. Made from organic cotton will be super soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

4. Hat

A newborn hat is one of those things that first-time parents don't even really consider in their "must buy" lists - until they really need one! That realisation usually hits when they're caught out and about with bub and find themselves shielding baby from the sun with their hand, a wrap or any other temporary shade creator! Which is why Exfatter hats make such popular baby shower gifts.

5. Comforter

Baby Comforter is an integral part of the life for many babies and toddlers. This cuddly little friend is often a life saver for many parents, preventing their baby from tears, tantrums and sleepless nights. Much to the delight of parents, the security comforter helps their little one to relax and nod off for a nap leaving them to see the cute image of their little one cuddling their snuggly little comforter. Exfatter comforters have two animal shapes (bunny and bear) and your little one will love them very much.

6. Bibs

Bibs for babies don’t function purely for style, it’s also a skin-issue; when a baby drools all over themselves and soaks their clothes, their sensitive skin can become irritated by the drool. But, drool bibs for babies prevent your baby’s skin from getting wet and irritated, and all the while, protecting baby in style.

Exfatter baby bibs is made from 100% cotton on the front and bamboo terry on the back. Exfatter bibs for babies are ideal for any age baby, as they also work great for spit-up, and parents especially love these bibs for teething babies!

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